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Study Skills: Plagiarism

Tips and tricks to help you be an even better student

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Plagiarism is a complex issue. Lets keep it simple and explore how it affects you as a student.

Some common forms of plagiarism are:

  • Copy and paste information from a website into your assignment
  • Turning in another persons work as your own.
  • Deliberately or mistakenly not revealing the source of your information 
  • Stealing someone's ideas and pretending they are your own

Here's an easy way to check your writing for possible plagiarism:

Flow chart for written work CC BY NC SA via EasyBib

Consequences of plagiarism could include no or reduced grade for a piece of work or a subject as a whole. Beyond secondary school, consequences can be as severe as expulsion from a course for repeated and/or very serious incidences.

The best way to avoid plagiarism is to ensure you keep track of all resources used (Google Keep can be a great help to do this), and to reference properly including providing in-text citations and a full reference list or bibliography.

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