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Reading: PRC

Everything to do with books and reading for pleasure.

PRC 2018 banner

Infographic showing names of students who completed the 2018 challenge

Certificate presentation

We were fortunate to have Victorian MP Philip Dalidakis MLC present PRC certificates to year 3, 4 and 5 students.

The Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge is on for 2018

Do you have what it takes?PRC logo

Can you read 15 books (years 3-5) or experience 30 books (years p-2) before 7 September?

Check out the tabs above for great suggestions of what to read for your year level.

To the right you'll see links for logging your books read and for further information (some for parents).

This is a personal challenge, not a competition, we know everyone is capable of completing it, now it's up to you!

PRC completion names and stats at 16 August

Featured PRC books available in our library

Any books in the Pig the pug series

Featured PRC books available in our library

Featured PRC books available in our library

Any book from the Tom Gates series by Liz Pichon

Any book from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney

Any of the Our Australian Girl series

Certificates and special pins for reading champions are here!

PRC certificates and pins

They will be handed out soon...

The 2017 Premiers' Reading Challenge is now closed

Congratulations to our 21 students who completed the challenge, great effort! Your certificates will arrive soon and will be presented at an assembly.

In all, KDS students read and registered 2162 books for the challenge and years 2 and 5 were our most prolific readers. Let's keep reading and plan to read and register even more books next year.

Superstar readers who completed the PRC in 2017

Ezra 1MW
Eden C-B 3AF
Kai 1NP Allegra 3AF
Maddy 1NP Eden L. 3AF
Elijah 2NP Gaby 4AB
Benjamin 2NP Felix 4TS
Levi 2NP Michelle 5KH
Talia 2NP Noah L. 5KH
Amy 2NP Naomi 5RR
Benji 2PL Ethan 5RR
Lulu 2PL Ariella 5RR
Zoe 5RR
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