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Reading: Oliver Phommavanh

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Oliver Phommavanh pictureOliver Phommavanh is a writer, comedian and teacher who loves to make people laugh. He was born in Australia to Thai parents and his stories deal with real kids trying to work out their place in the world and coming to grips with their heritage...with lots of fun and humour. Read more about Oliver on his website,

He likes to play on his Thai heritage with titles such as Thai-riffic! and Thai-no-mite! Other books include Punchlines, Con-nerd, and Ethan from the Stuff Happens series. His latest book, released on June 13, is The Other Christy - look out for it in the library soon. It sounds like a good read if you like books about school and friendship:

‚ÄčChristy and Christie are enemies in Year 6 at primary school – they seem to be about as different as two girls with almost the same name could be, but when things go sour with Christie's friends, strangely it's the Other Christy she befriends.


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This episode of Penguin Kids TV has a review of Con-Nerd - it starts 1 minute into the video.

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