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Oliver Phommavanh to visit our library

by Heather Bailie on 2016-06-15T12:34:57+10:00 in Reading Challenge | Comments

Well-known children's author and comedian, Oliver Phommavanh will be visiting the library next Tuesday, 21 June, to speak to all year 4 and 5 students.

Oliver's books deal with real kids and their problems with their families, friends and school, but with lots of humour. Titles like Thai-riffic! and Thai-no-mite! are word plays on Oliver's Thai background. Here's a snippet from Thai-riffic!:

Same same, but different. It's what Thai people say when they're talking about something similar, like a fake watch of copied DVD. It feels and looks the same but it's not the real thing. I know how that fake watch feels. I'm a fake Aussie. I was made in Thailand. People can spot it straight away. I sound like an Aussie but I smell like Thai food. I live in Australia but my house is a Thai restaurant.

Dad reckons it's no ordinary Thai restaurant. It's Thai-riffic! More like Thai-lame, especially with the exclamation mark! If the name doesn't make you spew, the black and neon-orange sign will. It's bright enough to be seen from space.

We can't wait to meet Oliver in person next week, in the meantime, find out more on our brand-new favourite author page.



Thai-Riffic! by Oliver Phommavanh
Call Number: PHO
ISBN: 9780143304852
Publication Date: 2010

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