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Exciting news!

All KDS students and staff now have access to the audiobook collection on ePlatform.

The audiobook collection is fully integrated with the eBook collection so if you are familiar with the ePlatform app or already read our eBooks on your computer you should have no trouble accessing them. If you haven't tried ePlatform before, scroll down to find out how to access on computer or mobile device.

This video shows how to download audiobooks for offline use so you don't have to use your mobile data to listen while out and about.

eBooks are a very convenient way to ensure you always have something to read even during school holidays or on a school camp. You don't have to come into the library to access them, they are available 24/7 wherever you have internet access. When you borrow an eBook you can download it to your device so you don't even need internet access to read. You can read eBooks on your laptop via the browser or download to Adobe Digital Editions; or on phone or tablet, there are apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10 available.

ePlatform screenshot.

Search for eBooks via the library catalogue or directly on the app or our eBook portal

Borrowing and reading eBooks

On a laptop or desktop computer

On the eBook portal when you have found a book you'd like to borrow sign in with your KDS username and password.

Select borrow

You can start reading straightaway

The loan automatically expires after 14 days and the book is removed from your computer or you can return it early if you have finished.

On a phone or tablet

Download the ePlatform app from your app store, find your library by searching for King David School and start browsing. When you are ready to borrow (or reserve if a title isn't currently available) simply sign in using your usual KDS network login. The book will automatically download onto your device so you can start reading; once downloaded you don't need to be connected to the internet to keep reading.

See below for screenshots of the process on an iPhone.


Any questions? Please see your friendly library staff.

Search the library

Select login for reservations, writing reviews and viewing your loans .

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